Who Teaches Tech? (Spoiler: Librarians!)

Librarian News Digest

Vol. 9, No. 188

We Got It Covered

We do have a very interesting highlight for your Wednesday reading pleasure. It comes from the RIPS Law Librarian Blog and Ashley Matthews. She observes that technology, already a big part of what we do as librarians, has become even more proliferous in these days of working remotely. This ups the ante on students, practitioners, and even the public to have a better sense of what they are doing. She asks, “how can law librarians formalize the ways in which we teach and encourage technological competence, especially when it’s not universally considered a ‘substantive’ skill? ” It is indeed a timely and important question. Read her thoughts and weigh in with your own at: Who Teaches Tech? (Spoiler: Librarians!).

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