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Law Technology Daily Digest

Vol. 20, No. 204

Greg Lambert and Marlene Gebauer talk to Richard Hsu of the recruiting firm Lindsey, Major, and Africa about the return to normal. We’re all missing that spontaneous hallway and water cooler conversations and while some of it can be virtually recreated, it’s far from perfect. And while some firms are already making structural changes and making positions redundant, Richard seems to buck the trend. He says that because of the way lawyers learn (the apprenticeship model), they will want to return to the office. When I talk to people at other firms, it seems to be somewhat of a mixed bag. Some things are better, some worse and some pretty much the same. Read and listen to more at 3 Geeks and a Law Blog: The Geek in Review Ep. 91 – Richard Hsu on Why Law Firms Will Need Lawyers to Return to the Office

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