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Another Ten!

It may be hard to believe, but not only did we wrap up another year on Tuesday night, we also rang the final bell on another decade. Perhaps it is because I am getting older, but it seems to me that these milestones fall all too quickly now. Far too quickly! One of the things I have been enjoying though is the many articles looking back at the last ten years. They were certainly defined by some very interesting – I dare say exciting – trends and innovations. To take us into the first weekend of 2020, I have chosen two of those to highlight in today’s digest.

    • First up, the ever-prolific Jean O’Grady gives us the legal librarian’s take on what the last decade held. Not only does she discuss some of what the major players were up to (and against), but she also writes, “More surprising was the disruptive impact of the disgruntled, entrepreneur lawyers with a good idea and some venture capital who invented some completely new ways of approaching research and delivering insights.” This is a read you will not want to miss as we move forward into the new year and beyond. Read: Analytics, AI and Insights: 5 Innovations That Redefined Legal Research Since 2010
  • And then my favorite tech blogger, Bob Ambrogi, weighs in with an equally enlightening overview of his own as an attorney and technical wizard. He writes, “In legal technology, it was a decade of tumult and upheaval, bringing changes that will forever transform the practice of law and the delivery of legal services.” His examples are sure to delight. Look back and brace yourselves for tomorrow with: The Decade in Legal Tech: The 10 Most Significant Developments.

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