Selling: The Key Account Executive

Legal Administrator Daily

Vol. 7, No. 435

BOL: The Key Account Executive

“Sales” seems to be a dirty word in the legal industry… after all, law firms are hired because of the track record for winning caes. Sure but.. In every industry I can think of, the function of “Sales” gets top billing. To state the obvious – sales is what feeds the organizational machine.

Thanks to Syliva Coulter for this article that highlights a key position in the sales function – that of the Key Account Executive .. this is the person who’s role is to support the sales effort around one (or just a few) ‘key accounts’.

I’ll bet you can identify those key accounts – the 20% of your client list accounting for 80% of your revenue – off the top of your head. And no doubt you can identify the Partner responsible for each of those clients. Now consider the level of support focused around new business with that client, that Partner garners from the firm. This is where Key Account Executives come in.. Food for thought.

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