Redaction How-To

Legal Administrator Daily

Vol. 7, No. 321

Redaction How-To

Thanks to Lisa Needham for this informative article with step-by-step instructions on how to redact a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat. The article discusses other “long-hand” methods to redact a document.

When I provide training on redaction, I always suggest this final step in the process:
— open your redacted PDF file in a PDF application, drag your cursor over the redacted area (capturing text before and after the redaction), choose “copy”, and then “paste” into a text editor (MS Word, Notepad, or something similar).

You should see a “gap” where the redaction has been placed.

Faulty redaction leaves the text in the document – which can be exposed with a simple copy-and-paste…

Then there is this commentary from the folks at DocsCorp on the matter of redaction. The article excerpts from a whitepaper on redaction – and is a bit confusing. At least 2 of the methods mentioned do NOT properly redact text.. #Practice_Management #lawfirm

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  1. Thank you for this Bill. Would you try an article on how to “redact” an Excel spreadsheet? We had a situation where we needed to extensively search thousands of native excels for multiple words/terms and then “redact” them. An exposition on this related topic would be appreciated.

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