On the fence with this advice

Law Technology Daily Digest

Vol. 20, No. 204

I’m actually a bit on the fence with this advice from Nick Milton. He writes, “The best generals should be in the war college, not on the battlefield. Your best expert on disarming bombs should not be disarming bombs, but teaching others to do so safely. Knowledge needs to be spread as much as (or even more than) it needs to be concentrated.” To continue his analogy, how do start your army from scratch? The best generals are that way because they were privates and sergeants and colonels and such. The best bomb expert on disarming bombs because they defused hundreds of bombs. So why am I on the fence? First of all, not every expert who can do something well, can teach it or lead others. Second, with all the technology that assists and supports KM functions these days, things that did not exist when the generals learned their trade, can they really effectively lead from the rear? Perhaps they need to spend some time on the front line before returning to the rear? Read more at Knoco stories: Why, in KM, the best generals should not be on the battle field.

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