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Law Technology Daily Digest

Vol. 20, No. 187

As I was reading about Portwell’s motherboard with twenty, yes 20, USB ports, I was thinking wow, that’s insane. Then I counted up the number of USB devices I have attached to my home computer. Ok, so maybe it’s not so insane. Then the post about an old style, CRT (cathode ray tube) TV killing internet connectivity for everyone in the village of Aberhosan, Wales made me think back to my consulting days and a client’s issue with computer rebooting being traced to the elevator hitting the top floor. Think of the cost of those techs, of replacing those copper cables, when the real solution would have been a $100 flat screen TV. Another gem, I almost missed, is in the comments. “You can tell this is not a US story because the ISP is frustrated that their customers are getting poor service.” Ha! Read more at ars technica:
New Xeon-capable motherboard offers 20 USB 3.2 ports
Old TV set interfered with village’s DSL Internet each day for 18 months

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