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Vol. 7, No. 452

KM in the Spotlight

As Constance noted yesterday, the feeds are fully abuzz with posts and predictions regarding the current impeachment saga in the United States. Unless something of interest to information professionals comes up in these threads, we are going to steer clear. You will get your fill of that drama in the mainstream media anyway. Refreshingly enough, there were some great entries on knowledge management hidden among the milieu this morning. I chose a couple to highlight below but would also like to draw your attention to the KM section further down the page as well.

  • A Limit to Value?: If there is one thing that puts me off on any pitch, be it for a new product or a new initiative, is any promise that something provides infinite or limitless possibilities. Maybe it is because I was a scientist in my first professional iteration or perhaps I have simply been burned by too many hyped guarantees. Nick Milton brings us some sobering words along this very vein when it comes to the value of knowledge management. He writes, “Specifically the value of KM comes through reducing ‘the cost of not-knowing’, which is a finite quantity for any organisation.” Further, he says, “This represents the maximum value KM can deliver.” This is an important distinction that Nick makes in today’s post: What is the limit to KM’s value delivery?.
  • Sale Supreme: Lucidea‘s Stan Garfield has been posting a series of articles on getting that crucial buy-in from stakeholders when pushing a knowledge management initiative. In his latest installment, he serves up some suggestions for showing the decision-makers the personal benefits. He writes, “With any change initiative, all stakeholders want to know what’s in it for them; implementing a knowledge management program is no different.” Stan provides an excellent list of questions that you need to be able to answer in: Part 3: The Single Most Important KM “Sale” You Can Make. Are you ready to make your case?

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