Just one simple question: Why?

Law Technology Daily Digest

Vol. 20, No. 183

It should not surprise anyone that anything can be “Internet-enabled.” Whether it should or not is a different story. This sentence pretty much sums it up what can be connected to your network, “A startling 44% reported seeing wearable medical devices; 43% said they had encountered kettles, coffee machines, and other connected kitchen appliances; 38% said the same of IP-enabled sports equipment, including skipping ropes and weights; 34% reported smart toys; and 27% said smart vehicles. Other responses included hand-wash devices, smart trash cans – and, in one case, aircraft engines.” If you own some of these wackier “smart” devices, please write and explain to me why in god’s name you do and what value you find in it. Read more at DARKReading: What’s on Your Enterprise Network? You Might be Surprised

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