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Librarian News Digest

Vol. 6, No. 162

Listen to This – Free PACER!, a free site from the non-profit Free Law Project, has made a big announcement that researchers will not want to miss. In the wake of the biggest internet crawl the group has ever launched, they share, “After nearly a year of work, and with support from the U.S. Department of Labor and Georgia State University, we have collected every free written order and opinion that is available in PACER.” Not only they collected those orders and opinions, they have made them freely available to us all. Check out Sabrina Pacifici’s entry on this development at: Free Law Project – We Have Every Free PACER Opinion on

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  1. Unfortunately, the Free Law Project has decided to charge other organizations money to access RECAP documents, and it now denies access to organizations which refuse to pay. The new version of the RECAP plug-in only uploads documents to the FLP’s own CourtListener site, while other sites, such as PlainSite and the United States Courts Archive, are no longer being updated. This decision was made in secret with no public discussion, and it was made despite the FLP’s stated position that court documents should be free and freely available to everyone. For more information, please see

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