Driving Legal Forward

Librarian News Digest

Vol. 9, No. 210

Steady Ahead

Even with all of the chaos and uncertainty that 2020 has brought, the legal industry has continued to press onward. We see it every day. Despite the lockdowns, social distancing, and myriad restrictions, there is still business to be done and plenty of work to keep us busy. Anecdotally, I have personally heard from colleagues that the workload has actually increased since the pandemic began. The bottom line is that life continues to go on. In the case of the legal industry, what is it that propels us forward even during times of challenge nd upheaval? Ari Kaplan sits down for a candid chat with JEGI’s Scott Mozarsky. They discuss “the strength of the legal market, the enthusiasm for legal technology, what investors are looking for in legal, and where legal is headed”. It’s a fascinating and, I dare say, heartening listen. Check out: Driving Legal Forward.

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