Down the rabbit hole

Law Technology Daily Digest

Vol. 20, No. 182

So Jean O’Grady post on Docket Navigator and outcome analytics caught my attention this morning. But then, as usually happens, another post caught my attention, which linked to another and well, yes, down the rabbit hole I went. I ended up on a post by Stephen Embry on whether it was he or Bob Ambrogi was the first one to ask whether it might be malpractice to not use legal data analytics in today’s litigation world. Regardless of who was first, it flavors the read of Jean’s post. Read hers first. Then read Stephens. And then re-read Jean’s. Read more at:
Dewey B Strategic: Docket Navigator Offers Powerful Patent Analytics and Interactive Law Firm Win Rates Tool
TechLaw Crossroads: Is It Malpractice To Not Use Legal Analytics?

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