Data Visualization A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

Legal Administrator Daily

Vol. 6, No. 156

Data Visualization – A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

I’m fond of saying that..“you can’t manage what you don’t measure“, but unfortunately – after all of the measurement is done, the data fails to inform the decision-making process.

Rees Morrison, a veteran consultant at Altman Weil on management issues of law departments and law firms, has just published a book about law firm data and ways to plot data so that firm managers can improve their decisions.

The book is titled Data Graphs for Legal Management: A Competitive Advantage for Decisions. I know of nothing like this innovative book; it is most timely as the industry is swept by talk of AI, machine learning and data analysis. The layout and organization, by management areas of firms, makes sense and the table of contents lets readers pick what interests them. That said, the entire book is an elegant tour de force of graphical skills.

Follow this LINK to view an abstract of the book and purchase a copy at this link (quick account registration required).

This book will let your data tell the real story, and the result will indeed be better decisions.

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