Casetext Brings AIDriven Brief Drafting to Employment Law

Librarian News Digest

Vol. 9, No. 185

Promise Kept

Casetext has been on a roll this year, developing new functionality and growing its customer base. Earlier in 2020, the company made headlines when it released a powerful, yet limited drafting tool for litigators. Bob Ambrogi broke the news back then and told us all that the company vowed to expand this functionality with new collections of motions. Well, the company is now making good on its word. Bob writes, “Today Casetext is introducing the first of those new collections – a set of 18 employment law briefs – 16 related to wage and hour cases in federal courts as well as under state law in California and New York, and two Title VII motions that are a preview of a forthcoming larger set of employment discrimination briefs.” It really looks promising. Let Bob take you on a tour in: Casetext Brings AI-Driven Brief Drafting to Employment Law.

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