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Fastcase Docket Alarm Releases New Docket Calendaring Feature

Librarian News Digest

Vol. 7, No. 447

Fast on the Draw

Jean O’Grady and her Dewey B. Strategic blog usher us into the weekend with some final vendor news for the week. We have already covered Fastcase once this week. Talk about a company with a lot going on! Today we close out news from them as well. Jean sums it up quite nicely, writing, “Fastcase is at it again . . . building alliances that drive content and functionality.” She brings us insights on the company’s latest offerings in the area of dockets. Court watchers will want to pay attention to: Fastcase Docket Alarm Releases New Docket Calendaring Feature.

Forums and Workshops on CI and Systems Integration

Librarian News Digest

Vol. 7, No. 445

Seeking, Finding and Applying the Techno Competitive Edge

We seem to have a bit of a light news cycle today. Two upcoming events captured my attention and are highlighted here.

  • CI: Competitive Intelligence guru Zena Applebaum is leading the CI Foundatons Course, Superior Intelligence = Strategic Decision Making on October 18th. Read more details at A Competitive Intelligence Workshop Just for Legal Information Professionals.
  • Pondering Technological Integration: David Curle offers up some thought provoking considerations around the pains associated with legal technology. An upcoming forum promises to examine underlying problems for buyers of legal technology and “analyze questions around how the more streamlined approach of an interoperable system can work.” Read more of the reasons and the goals for this forum in Will Interoperable Systems Solve Legal Tech’s Integration Problem?.

Another big day for legal tech: Ironclad and Fastcase

Librarian News Digest

Vol. 7, No. 444

Running of the Tech Bulls

Just yesterday, Bob Ambrogi noted on his blog that legal tech was having a banner year (read: VERY lucrative). Today, he further supports his own assertion by bringing us news of yet two more big announcements. If there is a recession coming, tech investors do not yet seem to be phased and company leaders are too still feeling rather bullish. What is the latest? we check in with Bob below:

  • Ironclad: First up, Bob brings us news of a major financial investment into a digital contracting company that has already been making a name for itself. Ironclad has picked up another major cash infusion. The company has certainly been in growth mode this year. As Bob notes, “Since its last funding round, the company said, it has more than doubled its customer base – which now includes companies such as FitBit, The Texas Rangers, Procore, Dropbox and Away – increased its revenue by 300 percent, and grown its employee count by 170 percent.” Talk about an incredible run! Bob has the details of the latest deal in: Another Day, Another $50M Invested in A Legal Tech Company. File this one under “Coming to a Computer Near You”!
  • Fastcase: And then, it appears that our friends at Fastcase are at it again. The little company that could is no longer little and it is safe to say that it is now the “company that has”. Fastcase has not slowed down this year in its push to grow strategically. The latest news sees the company acquiring a bankruptcy platform that is sure to increase its reach. Bob brings us the full skinny in: Fastcase Acquires NextChapter, the Cloud-Based Bankruptcy Platform.

Using Microsoft Teams in Legal Research Class

Librarian News Digest

Vol. 7, No. 443

Teaching Tools for the Workplace

Using Microsoft Teams in Legal Research Classdetails how Jenny Ham incorporated Microsoft Teams into her Legal Research course. Ham states: “The lack of comfort in using even the most basic features of Word especially can be a stumbling block…” Seeing this truth written and tackling how to make students comfortable using the tools that they will likely be using when they leave school was refreshing. Read Ham’s full article to learn more about how the decision to use Microsoft Teams is playing out in the classroom.

cSubs: Bringing Content and People Together

Librarian News Digest

Vol. 7, No. 443

Find, Assess and Understand

When limited budgets are taxed by multiple requirements, finding innovative ways to meet demand is necessary. Making purchase decisions in an informed manner is essential to instilling confidence in walking away from products and vendors. cSubs: Bringing Content and People Together explores how information professionals are using this subscription management company to help manage the complexity of contract and content management. This article offers a view from the public law library perspective and has some nuggets we can all digest for a bit of our own learning.

Go from "what?" to "now what?" Jinfo Consulting’s benchmarkingbased assessments

Librarian News Digest

Vol. 7, No. 440

Context: As Critical as the Data

Jinfo’s latest Research Focus is one more tool in the mix of find ways to “help you communicate more effectively with stakeholders and customers. To Go from “what?” to “now what?” – Jinfo Consulting’s benchmarking-based assessments they outline the three keys that their reporting and insights bring to bear.

Note: This post highlights Jinfo subscriber content.

Do "They" Know You Exist? Marketing Library and Information Services in Law Firms Part III: Branding

Librarian News Digest

Vol. 7, No. 440

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

I’m not a visually creative or intuitive person. Sometimes subtle themes in the makeup of branding images miss me until pointed out. However, I do appreciate the impact that good images can have on creating an attractive and impactful statement. Feit Consulting’s third installment Do “They” Know You Exist? Marketing Library and Information Services in Law Firms Part III: Branding highlights the impact that a strong, consistent brand can have on how the value of informational professionals, law libraries and law firm knowledge services is seen within the firm.

Do "They" Know You Exist? Marketing Library and Information Services in Law Firms Part II: Firm Leadership

Librarian News Digest

Vol. 7, No. 438

Telling the Value Story

It’s that time of year and Feit Consulting tackles the complexity of the conversation concerned with information professional and the value dilemma of expenses. Author Becky Bowman gets to the heart of the matter when she states: “For firm leadership, value is tied to the bottom line and communications should focus on metrics that tell the story of how the library contributed to the firm’s success…” Read Bowman’s full post to perhaps get some fresh perspective on telling the story of your contributions to identifying business opportunities and supporting talent retention at Do “They” Know You Exist? Marketing Library and Information Services in Law Firms Part II: Firm Leadership.

Teaching Students to "Tech Like a Lawyer": Imagining a Law Library Makerspace

Librarian News Digest

Vol. 7, No. 438

Getting Creative

I took a walk with a friend last night and we discussed how we enjoyed the fresh ideas that the younger folks we worked with brought to our attention. It’s important to remember that as we settle into our experience and wisdom our eyes can get tired. It’s more important to embrace the fresh creative ideas that new eyes can bring forward. Maybe things presented won’t work but we should at least be open to hearing and thinking them through without an offhand dismissal. Teaching Students to “Tech Like a Lawyer”: Imagining a Law Library Makerspace is a great example of fresh eyes and creative ideas. Read it for yourself and think about the potential presented.

Why data quality matters to any industry

Librarian News Digest

Vol. 7, No. 435

Quality Over Quantity

The key to sustained success, whether you are providing goods or services, ultimately lies in the quality of your work. This is as true in the digital realm as it is the physical. As Clara Beck notes, “Data is the most critical resources available to today’s marketers.” She cautions, however, “The challenge is making those interpretations meaningful, and this can happen only with high-quality data.” But what does it mean to have “high-quality data”? Most think that data is . . . well . . .data. Clara helps us distinguish and understand the difference in: Why data quality matters to any industry.

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