Attention Must Be Paid

Law Firm Marketing Brief

Vol. 1, No. 125

Attention must be paid, or so Willy Loman’s wife famously said. Her admonishment seems even more apt today if we hope to maintain our grip in the digital economy. I really like this article from Hinge Marketing on how to keep your market edge in our current Age of Uncertainty. If you are walking into a client meeting and asking your client what keeps you up at night? — well then forget about it. Because you need to be telling your client what they should be worried about, not asking the question. So get with the program ladies and gents! It’s an attention economy, as it is often said these days. As such, as this excellent blog post from Emotive Brands reminds us, the focus of marketing has decidedly shifted from yesterday’s concern of attracting attention to the far more compelling requirement today of paying more and better attention.

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