ASPs: Enemy or ENEMY?

Law Technology Daily Digest

Vol. 20, No. 152

Here is a twofer on alternative legal service providers (ALSPs). If I were to summarize, it might be to say that they are either your enemy or your ENEMY and that you need to collaborate with them to survive. Some of the more interesting quotes are: “I think in the short term, I don’t see how it’s not going to erode law firm business.”; “However, the real game changer may be growing consumer confidence that ALSPs are not only the more affordable outlet for this kind of work, but actually more skillful at it than law firms.”; “In-house people don’t want to manage all of it-we want law firms to be the ones to take on a general contractor role and maintain the relationship.”; and “The traditional law firm culture operates under a lot of urban myths which have been slow to die. Start with the idea that all work is bespoke. Of course it isn’t. Some is, but a prohibitively large percentage is not.” If you don’t know that much about ALSPs, then read more at Legaltech news:
Law Firms Must Learn How to Collaborate With ALSPs-Clients Are Waiting
ALSPs Are Still More Threat Than Partner to Law Firms

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