Amazon is Getting Into Online Education

Education and Training Daily

Vol. 16, No. 127

Although this is a quite lengthy article, I encourage you to skim it. Did you know that Udemy’s top 10 instructors made more than $17M? I knew about the one guy who made over $1M selling a course about web development. I was bummed when I heard that Udemy started restricting instructors from charging more than $50 for an eLearning course. We all know they are worth far more than $50. Apparently, some of the most successful instructors at Udemy have left because the respect from Udemy management has gone downhill. Amazon has supposedly approached some of these instructors to offer them a new home with their new service called Amazon Video Direct. It is an interesting article that also mentions Coursea and Khan Academy. Read more at Udemy’s Exodus, Amazon’s Gain

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