A rude awakening

Law Technology Daily Digest

Vol. 18, No. 51

I am putting these two posts together because they both stipulate two fundamental things that many attorneys don’t like or want – change. William Vogeler writes about the issue that law firms will need a change to the expertise they currently have in order to use AI. In the second post Jean-Philippe Courtois (Microsoft EVP and president of global sales, marketing and operations), Arjun Sethi (Global lead of A.T. Kearney’s digital transformation practice) and Professor Herminia Ibarra (the Charles Handy Professor for Organizational Behavior at London Business School) talk about how company cultures will change because of AI. Lawyers have managed to have a lot of their cake and still eat it too. With AI, I think there will be a very rude awakening for some of them. Read more at:
Technologist: Law Firms Need Your Expertise to Make AI Tools Work
Transform: How will company culture change when artificial intelligence clocks in?

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