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Librarian News Digest

Vol. 1, No. 66

By now, you must know that I am a big fan of the Future Ready 365 (FR365) blog. If you aren’t familiar with it, well, you haven’t been reading this newsletter. Blogs like FR365 exists to ensure that libraries and more specifically, librarians, info pros, knowledge managers or whatever title we go by, are going to move forward into the future instead of just disappearing. Blogs like FR365 tell our stories and give us hope. See below for the most recent posts:

I am also a fan of the Library technician dialog where bloggers Brenda Wong and Karen Sawatzky, regularly post articles with topics like KM, library management, and more. In the most recent post, Brenda describes integrating two law firm library collections, services and staff and the personal growth that came with it. Read more at From change comes growth

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